These two are not trading relationships, food and sports

I used to think that if I ran X number of miles, I “earned” a couple of glasses of wine or pasta for dinner because I burned a certain number of calories. ⁠⠀

I also thought donuts could only be eaten on the weekend because I was having a “cheat” day. ⁠⠀

And just because I went out to brunch with friends on Sunday, it meant that I had to skip an impromptu happy hour on Monday. ⁠

What I’ve learned over the years, however, is that food is fuel and nourishment. Food is also fun, delicious, and full of all the GOOD things in life. It’s meant to be ENJOYED and it’s okay (more than okay, actually) if you LOVE what you eat ALL the time! ⁠

And your activity level does NOT directly correlate to the type of foods you can enjoy. No food is morally better than another, Monday is as good a day to treat yourself as Friday, and you don’t need to burn 500 calories to “earn” 500 calories.

The end.⁠⠀







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