Addressing blood sugar issues

Having too high, or too low, blood sugar could be derailing your results.⁠

Remember the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears? ⁠

In that childhood fairytale, little Goldilocks broke into the Three Bears’ cabin and tried out each of the bears’ chairs, beds, and breakfasts. Papa bear’s stuff was too big, and mama bear’s was too, but baby bear’s things? They were ‘just right’.⁠

That’s what you want to achieve with your blood sugar.⁠

You want the ‘just right’ balance that will help you maintain the ability to burn sugar as energy rather than store it as fat. This will help keep your energy levels high and encourage weight loss.⁠

How do you keep your blood sugar balanced?⁠

  • Eat balanced meals > protein, fat, carbohydrate, and green vegetables⁠
  • Avoid refined sugar and processed carbs > less muffins, more steel-cut oats⁠
  • Skip the coffee > especially if you’re adding sugar and flavored creamers⁠
  • Get good quality sleep > 8+ hours per night is best⁠
  • Exercise regularly > at a pace appropriate for you⁠
  • Consider natural blood sugar balancing supplements > like cinnamon, ginseng, probiotics, vitamin D, and magnesium⁠

If you want to keep the weight loss train moving on the right track, you’ve got to make sure your blood sugar levels are just righ

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